ASME Section I PED Guide: Supplement to Guide for ASME Stamp Holders Use of ASME Section I to meet the EC Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)
standard by ASME International, 05/27/2005

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This guide is intended as a supplement for ASME stamp holders using ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section I as the basis for conformity with the European Commission (EC) Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), 97/23/EC. This guide provides a comprehensive review of the PED and ASME Section I. Manufacturers of Section I boilers will find this supplement, combined with the existing guide, to be useful tools when working with a Notified Body (NB) toward compliance with the PED and applying CE marking to their product. This supplement is intended to be used in combination with the existing guide, which contains an explanation of the European New Approach, and continues with the goals of the PED and a description of its scope of coverage. Then, the existing guide goes into an in-depth analysis of the PED’s concept of hazard categories and the various combinations of conformity assessment modules that can be used for each hazard category. Then, each of the PED Essential Safety Requirements (ESR) are covered, including materials, use of notified bodies, and requirements for CE marking. Those aspects are not reproduced in this supplement, as they are generic to all pressure equipment under the PED. In this supplement, the reader is presented with some general guidance and updates on PED issues critical to ASME stamp holders. The majority of the supplement consists of a detailed comparision of the technical requirements of the PED with Section I, followed by a modified version of an “Annex ZA” for Section I. This Annex ZA provides instructions regarding what additional tasks must bee completed to meet the administrative requirements of the PED.

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